Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Release: The Oranges -Teen Rock

The Oranges-Teen Rock-Rabbit Records RAC-008 (2006 Japan)

I saw these guys play in LA 6 years ago and they are still at it! It was an unbelievably silly yet moving experience. In matching Bay City Roller type gear, they proceeded to ball over the crowd with their sunny Glam Pop sung in Japanese. So here we have 20 rockin’ songs with English titles all sung in their language…and? Well the appeal is pretty much universal and the experience goes beyond a one idea joke thanks to their overwhelming exuberance and their obvious love for 70’s trash pop. Only thing is that with 20 songs it does go on a bit, but in snippets there is much fun to be had. Take the song titles for a start: “Teen Rock Is Alright”, “Teenage Pop” ( first line: Bay City Rollers, Dead End Kids, Buster, Rosetta Stone, Carol…), “Teen Rock Sensation”, “Let It Rock’n’Roll”, “Teen Rock Kicks”. ..These guys are certainly dedicated and definitely bonkers…
(available through -check out the samples)

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